Vietnam Moving Wall - The moving monument is on display at the Williamson High School located at 33 Jct. Cross Road, Tioga, PA and it is on display through Monday, July 15th.  The event will end after the 9 AM with the Vietnam Family and Friends Service.  The wall is in memory of the 58,318 soldiers who never returned from Vietnam of which 9 were from Potter County. The photo shows people viewing the wall as well as reading information regarding each soldier from Bradford, Tioga, and Potter Counties.  At 6:20 AM each morning reveille is played and at 9 PM taps are played.  The two young ladies that played their trumpets each day are students at Williamson High School and played at their designated times.  In photo is Jaylin Butler playing taps with hundreds in attendance at the Candlelight Vigil.  Photo by Andy Lychalk, Jr.
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  1. Anonymous
    October 30, 2022 @ 4:53 pm

    The only ones that are saying the Republicans are going to cut social security are the Democrats. There hasn’t been one Republican that has said they would do so. It doesn’t matter there won’t be anything there in n a few years anyways the Democrats keep giving it to the illegals that are coming in. We will all have to work till we are dead 401k isn’t worth a shit either 10 trillion lost there. Good try. Trying to scare the old people on Halloween weekend

  2. Anonymous
    October 30, 2022 @ 10:06 pm

    Mr McCormick, please provide references to substantiate paragraph one. If you cannot, I will assume it is as false as paragraph three—my medicare premium is not lower, and the reason for my (insufficient) increase in social security is due to CPI data, brought on by the inflation we have been experiencing since 2021.

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